My Personal Code of Ethics (2023)

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Providing time is an occupation that is greatly misunderstood and generally looked down upon by most of society.  One who undertakes this as a primary profession or as an adjunct to another profession realises that they expose the most personal of spaces to the client in exchange for financial or practical remuneration.   This close interaction requires a very high level of trust be established between the provider and the client, and I feel it is critical that my clients understand that they are dealing with someone who adheres to a strong code of ethics.


I strive to accomplish these major goals:

  • Provide valuable, beneficial, safe, and enjoyable service to the client.  In the event the client is unhappy, I promise to listen and do whatever I can to make the client happy before they leave the session.

  • Ensure personal boundaries and health of either party are not compromised, that maintain my dignity and integrity, and that I don’t compromise my own personal ethos.

  • Reflect positively upon the profession as a whole and help improve public perception of the profession whenever possible.

Voluntary subscription to a code of ethics has historically been one way to demonstrate the commitment to excellence in any profession.  As I aim to strive towards excellence, a code of ethics is the next logical step meeting that goal.

This code of ethics is predicated upon the following assumption of rights:

  • I reserve the right to screen clients to my personal satisfaction and standards and always personally determine who I will see and who I will not see, and under what conditions.

  • I reserve the right to set my own boundaries, and to have my clients to respect them at all times. I reserve the right to end a session without refund if a client does not respect my boundaries.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to see a client if the client refuses to accept my personal boundaries or engages in behaviour I deem unsafe, threatening, or illegal.

  • I reserve the right to determine how I use my personal attributes to make a living, and to be respected for the decisions that I make.

  • I reserve the right to serve only the clientele I am comfortable serving without judgement from clients or other providers.

  • I reserve the right to be treated as a human being, with full agency and all other rights due me, including the right to petition for redress under all relevant civil and criminal laws of my country at my own discretion.

Code of Ethics

General Conduct

  • I will enter and practice this profession of my own free will, under duress from no other party, while understanding the true nature of the work I’ll be doing.

  • I will exhibit a sincere commitment to providing a quality experience for the client. If the client is not having a good experience, I will work towards resolving that situation in any way I can to the satisfaction of the client without compromising my personal ethos, health, or safety in the process.

  • I will respect my clients as human beings and not treat them as anything less than how I expect to be treated.

  • I will respect my clients’ physical, emotional, professional, ethical, and spiritual boundaries.

  • I will respect my clients’ right to privacy and not ask invasive questions.

  • I will maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence, striving for excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and through continued education and training.

Business Practices

  • I will not use bait and switch tactics to lure clients under false assumptions or pretenses.  I will not advertise as an unrealistic age or weight for my visual appearance.  If my photos do not accurately represent me, I will not use them.

  • I will respect my client’s confidentiality, and not, under any circumstances, divulge the names or other identifying features of my clients.

  • I will only give reference information to legitimate providers who I do my due diligence to verify upon a client’s request.  No request, no reference.

  • My email practices are secure and the content of our emails will always be professional in nature.

  • I will not defraud or cheat a client in any way.

  • I will advertise myself honestly and not misrepresent what I am prepared to do or the skills that I have.

  • I will plainly state my expectations on my web site(s) and not engage in unfair attempts to upcharge or upsell clients.  The price listed on the website is the price the client can expect to pay.

  • I will not submit false information about clients to blacklists and similar reporting venues.

  • I will recognise that there is a wide variance in acceptable behaviour and identity, strive to accept those variations in my clients, and accommodate those variances when they do not conflict with my own personal ethos or skill levels.

Safety and Health

  • I will use appropriate safe practices at all time.

  • I will not knowingly practice my trade with any illness or infection.

  • I will take precautions in my personal life recommended to me by my primary care physician to avoid becoming infected with illness whenever possible.

  • I will not entertain clients if I am physically or emotionally impaired to the point where I cannot ensure my safety, the safety of my client, and meet my client’s expectations.

  • I will not entertain clients if I am unable to provide a top tier experience.

  • I will not entertain clients who openly engage in illegal activities, nor will I engage in illegal activities with clients.

  •  I will take any and all prescription prophylactics (preventative medication to prevent STI) recommended to me by my reproductive health physician who is aware of what I do.

Operational Security

  • I will use best practices at all time when it comes to communication, data handling, and location sharing.

  • I do not carry a smartphone, but periodically use a Wi-Fi tablet.  All location services, data leaking features, and app trackers are turned off.

  • I will only use encrypted means of communication.  I will use a VPN at all times.
  • I will delete all other information about the client except email address after a successful visit.

  • I do not store client information on “the cloud” or any type of local file (i.e. spreadsheet, notes file).

  • I am well versed in the needs of high profile/HNWIs and am happy to sign an NDA.

  • I will not take any photos during the encounter that could possible dox the client.

  • Electronic payments are billed extremely discreetly and anonymous payments via crypto and other means are available.

respect for the profession

  • I will not advocate or condone anything non-consensual/involuntary or anything involving minors, and will report the existence of such behaviour to appropriate authorities immediately should I discover it.

  • I will not take advantage of or manipulate clients or other providers in any way for personal gain.

  • I will not sell my reference or provide any kind of references for clients I did not actually see.

  • I do not judge other providers for who they choose to see or not see.

  • I do not judge other providers for how they spend their money, or what gifts they receive.

  • I do not judge how other providers run their business or how much they charge.

  • I do not judge other providers for what they do or do not offer.

  • If asked, I will provide honest, legitimate advice and information to those who inquire about working in this profession.

  • I strive to be a lady, and will conduct myself as such at all times.

  • I am honest, sincere, professional, and value discretion above all else.

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