Being a provider is my calling.  It has made an exceptionally positive impact on my life overall that even the bad experiences don’t come close to outweighing the good.  I have had a lot of good timing and luck with hobbies/skills like web design and writing going hand in hand with this industry.  I am an infinitely adaptable person who can be whatever you need me to be without being fake.  I value honesty and respect, and believe in treating others how they wish to be treated.  I am big on privacy, discretion, and good OPSEC.  You can learn more on my website.


When I used to play video games competitively, I would occasionally sell photos to the guys on voice chat.  In 2015 I expanded that to having my own private subscription website until 2020 when I started joining the various platforms you can find me on.  I know everyone has their preferences and who they trust for payment processors.  I have laid out what content I offer on each site so you can make your best decision on my here.