I am tickled pink you wish to spend time with me and truly look forward to meeting you.  Please submit this form OR send me an email ( with the same information as below.  I recommend using encrypted email to protect your personal data.  All data is handled using best practices and I do not store or sell your data.  I have ample experience with HNWIs and am happy to sign NDAs.

If you send me an email without screening information, I am very unlikely to reply.  I ask as few questions as I can to ensure the safety of both parties in this arrangement.  I respect you, please respect me in return by not trying to circumvent the rules.  If you do not wish to screen with the information below, please see my OAQ tab under “references” for your only alternative option.  If you do not wish to screen at all, I recommend a virtual experience so we can still have fun together.  

!!!Please check your spam folder if you don’t hear from me within 24-48 hours!!!