n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door with an enigmatic twist; Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead.

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  Your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending it learning more about me.  Call me Melissa, Missy, or Mel.  Please choose what you feel suits me best, as I have absolutely no preference on a name.  I don’t have many preferences at all — I am but white clay looking for your warm, firm hands to knead my impossibly soft skin sprinkled with constellations of freckles only meant to be counted by lips. 

You could describe me as walking contradiction, an artist, a creative writing enthusiast, and a perfectionist who enjoys both the simpler and finer things in life  they’re not mutually exclusive.  I own a home in the mountains, and rent one in the city.  My outdoor hobbies include walking, hiking, and kayaking.  My indoor hobbies are mostly on a in front of a canvas, computer, or console but I also enjoy cross stitch and reading.  I travel endlessly and am always working on a host of portable projects at any given time.  I also have a deep love of driving and cars — namely of the three pedal variety.

My primary love language is receiving gifts.  That’s not me running a line on you so you buy me fancy shoes with flaky bottoms either, I mean this.  The value of the gift truly does not matter, but rather the time and thought you put into picking something out for me.  I reciprocate and match well with those who enjoy receiving acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation in return.  You can check my wishlist for ideas but also know that I love all things handmade (not just by you) and I collect leather envelopes.

I am a simple person who lives a simple life on my own terms.  Your right to swing your fist ends an inch from my face, and I deeply believe in the adage “live and let live”.  The world is complicated enough and I see no reason to add to that.  As such, I do not have a cell phone (really) and all communication is via email.  My preference is that most of our interaction will be cheek to cheek, body to body, hand to hand.  I am laid back and like to go with the flow.  The best adventures are found when we wander, but are not lost.


Has yet to be written, but this is where it begins.


  • Are someone who seeks a new adventure.
  • Know that what’s real is always worth it, and you know a good investment in yourself will always pay off.
  • Understand that self care is essential for peak performance, and you need someone who is easy going that can help you relax.
  • Need a break from your every day life for a luxurious indulgence with someone attentive to detail and focused on you.
  • Seek someone who isn’t preoccupied by politics, their phone, or social media to unwind and decompress with.
  • Are looking to slip away and take a break with someone who specialises in relaxation.
  • Want someone who smiles and laughs, and who can make you smile and laugh in return.
  • Are looking to share time and space with someone who sparks inspiration and ignites your passions.

If you saw yourself at all in this writing, you are exactly where you need to be. Take the next step and indulge.