n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door with an enigmatic twist; Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead.

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  Your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending it learning more about me.  I’m very easy going and I like to go with the flow — you can think of me as white clay looking for your warm, firm hands to knead my impossibly soft skin sprinkled with constellations of freckles only meant to be counted by lips.

I was born on the tail end of things being built to last.  I’ve sculpted myself as an adaptive and resilient person ready for whatever life has in store for me.  I grew up on the back of a motorcycle and have spent life on the road ever since — cultivating my skills, absorbing my experiences, and letting them shape who I am:  A facilitator of grand adventures.  Are you ready?

I am genuinely interested in what you have to say, and one of my favourite things is getting to learn what makes you you as a person.  Luxury is often misunderstood as being all bout names and showing off.  But it’s really about quality, indulgence, and feeling pampered.  I will show you that what is real is always worth it.

I love to figure out what makes you tick before I make you explode.  Continually surprising you in all of the best ways, taking your satisfaction to new peaks each time we meet.  Like the finest wine, I only get better with time. I believe that the more a connection grows, the deeper the pleasure becomes.  Are you ready to heighten your senses and unlock the next level of self care?

I am a coy and demure inamorata who enjoys pleasing you in any way that I can.  This is not simply a service, or something you just do once for an hour.  You deserve to feel good.  You deserve a life filled with stolen moments of relaxation and decadence. Whether you see me once a month or once a year, we will foster a warm friendship and a genuine connection.  As I only see a limited number of patrons, I am ensuring I can give you the quality experience you seek.

One could describe me as walking contradiction, an artist, a creative writing enthusiast, and a perfectionist who enjoys both the simpler and finer things in life  they’re not mutually exclusive.   My degree is in Creative Technologies which is the point where art and computers meet.  I had a solo gallery show a few years ago, after I moved back to the States from Vancouver BC.  Most of what I do these days is on the computer side but I still have a penchant for painting and sculpture.  Currently, my yard is my canvas as I have over an acre to be creative with.  I also have an arcade machine in my garage.  I live by the adage of creating a life you never need a vacation from.

I own a home in the rural Appalachians, and rent one in Denver.  I go back and forth as I please and make my own schedule.  I am infinitely adaptable and endlessly flexible (literally and figuratively).  My outdoor hobbies include walking, hiking/backpacking, primitive camping, and kayaking.  Indoor hobbies are mostly on a in front of a book, canvas, computer, or console but I also enjoy cross stitch, gardening, and cooking.  I also have a deep love of driving and cars — namely of the three pedal variety.

My primary love language is receiving gifts.  That’s not me running a line on you so you buy me fancy shoes with flaky bottoms either, I mean this.  The value of the gift truly does not matter, but rather the time and thought you put into picking something out for me.  I reciprocate and match well with those who enjoy receiving acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation in return.  You can check my wishlist for ideas but also know that I love all things handmade (not just by you) and I collect leather envelopes.

I am a simple person who lives a simple life on my own terms.  Your right to swing your fist ends an inch from my face, and I deeply believe in the adage “live and let live”.  The world is complicated enough and I see no reason to add to that.  As such, I do not have a cell phone (really) and all communication is via email.  My preference is that most of our interaction will be cheek to cheek, body to body, hand to hand.  I am laid back and like to go with the flow.

Melissa Mariposa in profile wearing a Jessica Rabbit dress, hands entangled in her waist length red hair


Has yet to be written, but this is where it begins.

YOU Are...

  • Someone who seeks a new adventure.  You are looking to share time and space with someone who sparks inspiration and ignites your passions.  Someone who ignites a flame inside of you every time you see them.
  • An open minded gentleman or lady in need of an escape from daily life seeking someone who will stimulate your brain, awaken your senses, tantalise your mind, ignite your passion, and fulfill your desires.  You understand that true arousal starts with the mind and slowly encapsulates the rest of you as time moves on.
  • Someone who doesn’t need to ask what I like or want, because you already know: To make you happy.  I love someone who knows what they want and goes for it. Someone who can gently guide a conversation to its natural conclusion and steer the evening where they most desires.
  • A connoisseur of good company that finds delight in indulging in the time of an intelligent, beautiful, sincere woman.  You understand that what’s real is always worth it, and a good investment in yourself will always pay off.  That it’s the who as much as the what that truly creates the experience.  You seek someone sensual, nice to look at, down to earth, and totally focused on your time together.
  • Understanding that self care is essential for peak performance, and you need someone who is easy going that can help you relax.  You are looking for a battery charger, someone to keep you running at your prime.
  • Someone with an appreciation for the simpler times and wishes to escape the demands of your life, if only for a few hours. You have with a great sense of humour with a deep love of laughter, and good times. You find lively conversation with a sharp, witty, flirtatious woman to be an aphrodisiac.
  • In need of a break from your every day life for a luxurious indulgence with someone attentive to detail and focused on you.  You seek someone who isn’t preoccupied by politics, their phone, or social media to unwind and decompress with.
  • Looking for someone genuine. Someone responsive, who truly enjoys themselves and expresses their joy and pleasure. You are not looking for someone to blow smoke up your ass, you’re looking for someone to align with on multiple levels. You are looking to transcend a simple “transaction” and make a connection. Someone with an appreciation for the stolen hour and a desire to escape the demands of everyday life, if only for awhile. You have with a great sense of humour with a deep love of laughter, and good times.
  • Generous, and warm hearted. You’re that guy who puts others first. You love to see people smile, and do what you can to make them happy. You help those with less than you when the opportunity arises.
  • Looking to slip away and take a break with someone who specialises in relaxation.  You want someone who smiles and laughs, and who can make you smile and laugh in return.
  • Are someone who values their privacy and makes it a point to always exercise discretion. You enjoy being the centre of attention in a small audience, but prefer to blend in seamlessly in public. You value a companion who can do the same.

If you saw yourself at all in this writing, you are exactly where you need to be. Keep reading to learn more about me, or take the next step and indulge.